Delivery Services in Florence, Al

Delivery Services in Florence, AL

delivery services in florenceMoving can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be if you get help from our team.

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Over the years, we tend to amass a lot of furniture, household appliances, clothes, and personal belongings—and getting ready to move reveals the extent of how much you’ve accumulated. Do you need help with junk removal as well as packing and moving in Northern Alabama?

At The Move Gurus, we help residents in and around Florence, AL, efficiently move their households from one residence to another. You won't have to worry about poorly-wrapped boxes rattling around in the truck of your car. We will protect your belongings with careful packing, storing, and transporting—even your heaviest and most fragile items.

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Benefits of a Professional Delivery Service While Moving

It may seem cheaper to save money and move your property into your new home, apartment, or condo by yourself. Perhaps your new place is a short drive away, or you don’t have a lot of large furniture to transport. People who think it’s easier to do the job without a professional team are missing out on numerous benefits, such as:

  • Personal attention and customized care - When you work with us at The Move Gurus, you can provide special delivery instructions, such as where to place certain boxes or room-specific items. We customize your moving experience to your needs and design it to make your life easier. Our trusted team gives you their undivided attention and supports you throughout the move.
  • Less physical strain - You don't want to spend the first few days in your new home recovering from a back, neck, or knee injury. Some furniture may require multiple strong workers to wrap, protect, and transport it, so moving all of your belongings is a big job to tackle alone. At The Move Gurus, we do the heavy lifting while you rest and relax.
  • Access to professional equipment and tools – Our professional movers have better-suited equipment for moving awkward, oddly shaped, or heavy objects.
  • Less time spent moving - We decrease the hours you spend moving by doing it more efficiently.
  • Promised property protection - You can relax knowing that your items are safe and will arrive unbroken in your new place.

Commercial Deliveries & Moving Services

While we are most known for helping people move into their new homes, we also provide businesses with our professional moving services. You may be shifting your business to a location across town with more space or preparing for a better property. We will move your office furniture and supplies and help you set up the new spot.

Residential Deliveries & Moving Services

At The Move Gurus, we are here to help Florence, AL, residents move into a new rental space, apartment, or house by neatly and carefully packing boxes and loading them into our large transport trucks.

We utilize only the best packaging supplies and tools for maximum security and protection. We may require additional movers to protect select items, but this ensures all belongings are safe and secure during transport.

Sometimes, you may be ready to move out, but the new location is not ready yet. At The Move Gurus, we will move your boxes to the local storage unit of your choosing until you’re able to move into the new space—for no extra delivery fee. We provide:

  • Reliable delivery drivers and packing team
  • A simple and stress-free transport process
  • Assistance from a local top-rated business

Are you interested in scheduling our delivery services? Contact us today to book a time that works best for you!

Delivery Services Near Me: The Move Gurus Serving Florence, AL

At The Move Gurus, we offer a quality guarantee to ensure that our clients are 100% satisfied with our team and delivery drivers. You can stop searching for "Delivery Services Near Me" because The Move Gurus is the best choice for premium moving and delivery service in florence, and the nearby areas of Calera and Sylacauga.

Are you ready for your next move? Call our top-rated team at The Move Gurus at (256) 367-0660 for the best delivery services in and around Florence, AL!

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