Stress-Free Move Tips on How to Move Your Furniture

Relocating can be very stressful. Things can become even more aggravating if you find out that your furniture does not fit the door of your new place. However, you should not overthink this because you are not the only one with big furniture problems.

If you have not relocated, you can avoid this issue. In this blog, we have tapped into the expertise of seasoned movers from Calera, AL, to solve this age-old relocation dilemma, so better stay tuned.

Take Measurements

Seasoned movers recommend taking measurements before the said date. There will be less stress in moving on time if you have already done this. It will help you determine the size of the furniture you will be bringing with you.

You should measure the doorway, the hallway, or the stairway. If possible, take an image of the door or stairway with your phone to have something to compare with. It will be your reference point if you forget the measurements or have problems with your furniture during the move.

You should also take the measurements of the door frames of your new place. It will help you determine if the furniture you are bringing will fit your new home. The size of the door frame is your starting point. Do not forget to measure the door frame’s height, width, and depth.

Try Using Other Angles to Get Your Furniture in (Or Out)

If your doorway is too small for your furniture, you can try passing it through the stairway. If it still does not fit, you can try opening the front door to give your furniture. You can also try different angles to get your furniture in or out. It is a lot easier to pass through doors and hallways if you can see the curves of the walls and doorways.

Avoid hitting the furniture with door frames, walls, and stairs. You must not harm the walls and doors of your new home. There are cases wherein the doors and frames are already damaged due to badly-placed furniture during the move. Do not allow this to happen to your new home.

If you have already decided to hire professional movers, you should also find out if they have the right tools to move your furniture. Do not forget to tell them about the furniture you will be bringing with you. 

Disassemble Your Furniture

It is another tip from experts. You should disassemble some of the furniture you will be bringing with you. Think outside the box and think of an angle to get your furniture in.  

You may have to take apart some of your furniture to get in. Disassembling some furniture can be a lot easier than carrying a whole piece.

If you have trouble with the disassembling, you can ask professional movers for assistance. They might have a better idea of how to get your furniture in. If worse comes to worst, you can ask them to disassemble the furnishings for you. They will do it faster than you and even give you some tips on doing it.


You will most likely encounter problems like these when you move. You might be stressed about it, but there are ways to deal with it. And by the way, you are not alone. Thousands of people do not have the space and have to initiate a solution to get through doorways and stairways quickly.

The best thing to do is prepare by taking measurements and finding alternate angles. Do not forget to disassemble some of the furniture you will be bringing with you. It saves you energy and time. Most importantly, it will save you from the hassle of finding out that a particular piece of your furniture does not fit.

Better yet, if you want to avoid all the stress associated with relocating, you should ask for help from Move Gurus. We are seasoned movers from Calera AL and can help you effortlessly move in to your new place. So book your moving date now!

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