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6 Important Tips You Should Remember during Your Move

Moving usually comes with stress. You have to find a moving company, pack all your belongings, move your belongings, unpack all your belongings, arrange for transportation, and then clean up any mess you make. 

Sounds like a lot of work, but with the right preparation (and right mindset!), you can simplify your moving process.

On this page, we’re listing our very best tips to help you prepare for – and make it through moving day.

1) Get Rid of Anything You Don’t Need 

Getting rid of your junk is one of the best things you can do – before and during your move. If you have too many things, you will find it hard to pack, transport, and unpack your items.

This is especially true if you have only a little space to move into.

Getting rid of clutter might be a hard task, but it’s definitely worth the effort. Imagine how much more you can pack when you don’t have to fit your belongings into an already full moving truck?

2) Keep Heavy Items in Smaller Boxes

The general rule of thumb is to keep heavy items in small boxes and lighter items in bigger boxes. This helps you move things more easily because it means you don’t have to lift a huge, heavy box.

Think about it: would you rather move a heavy box of books that’s 10′ x 10′ x 10′ or four small boxes that are each 2′ x 6′ x 10′? Even though the volume of the heavy box is larger, you can move it with less effort.

3) Wrap Your Furniture in Moving Blankets

Wrapping your furniture in moving blankets can save you a lot of time and energy. This is especially true if you’re worried about the furniture getting dragged on the ground or damaged during the move.

One of the most popular moving blankets is the plastic moving blanket. However, if you need to wrap some delicate furniture, you should consider the microfiber moving blanket.

4) Pack Dishes Vertically

When you pack dishes vertically in boxes, you save a lot of space. This is because packing dishes horizontally means your boxes will be longer, and you won’t be able to fit as many dishes into a single box.

This also means you can fit more dishes into a smaller moving truck, which makes it easier to transport your items.

5) Label All Your Boxes

Labeling all your boxes will save you a lot of time and frustration during the moving process. You don’t have to use fancy labels. You can just write “Kitchen items” or “Living room items” on a piece of tape and put it on a box.

This will make it much easier for you to unpack because you’ll know exactly where each item belongs in your new home.

6) Create a Moving Checklist

Moving can often be a very stressful time. Double-checking that you have everything you need during the moving process can help you alleviate some of this stress.

To keep track of everything, you should make a moving checklist. As long as you have the tools you need to complete the checklist, you shouldn’t have any problems.


Moving is an exciting time in your life, but it’s not always an easy process. Most people have a lot of things on their minds during the moving period. With so many things to worry about, it’s hard to know where to start.

Consult a moving company to help you prepare for your moving day. Move Gurus are movers in Calera, AL, that can help you quickly transport your precious items to your new home. Talk to us today to learn more!

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