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Everything You Need to Know about Moving into a New Home

Are you planning to move? You may be wondering about how long it will take you to complete this entire process.

Various factors affect how long a move will be, which is why hiring the right moving company can make all the difference. You want this process to be as efficient and safe as possible for you and your family, after all. 

In this article, you will learn about general timelines you can expect if you are about to move into a new apartment or house. Read on!

Breaking Your Lease

Typically, it will take you about two weeks to 1.5 months to break a lease, even if it is month to month. Take note that most landlords require a notice of at least 30 days before you can leave the property. Some require the notice on the first or last day of the month. It is best that you thoroughly review your leasing contract for guidance.

Securing a Rental Property

In most cases, you can secure and move into a new, vacant rental within a week. Compared to a house, securing a rental property is much quicker, especially if it is already vacant. The landlord may only need to get necessary repairs done, and the contract signed, and they can already let you move in. 

Packing Up Your Home

If you are buying a house, the time you need heavily revolves around the complex process of closing a real estate deal. This means that you will likely have the time between when the contract is drawn to its final closing for packing up all of your belongings.

General Packing Timelines

Here are the best case scenarios if you need to pack up your entire place of residence:

  • Studio or 1-bedroom: 10 to 15 hours
  • 2-bedroom: 15 to 20 hours
  • 3-bedroom: 20 hours or more
  • 4-bedroom: 40 hours or more

Moving Day Time Span

If you are moving on your own, you may want to consider the following factors that will affect how long it will take you to finish:

  • Distance from your old house to the new house
  • Large pieces of furniture and appliances
  • Number of boxes
  • Number of helpers

Hiring Movers

If you want to save time and money, it’s best to hire professional movers. And the sooner you book their service, the better.

Professionals can pack and move in half the time it may take you on your own. You can also be sure that they can move huge items safely and quickly. 


After moving into your new home, the next thing for you to do is unpack. Typically, this process will take about half the time it took you to pack. We recommend that you plan where things will go early on to have an easier time unpacking. Unpack your essentials first! This way, you can already settle into your new house and feel more at home. 


Use our guide above to help you with your packing and moving. And remember, it is always best to pack as early as possible so you can have a stress-free and seamless transition. Packing under pressure will only make you forget essential things. 

Make sure to hire the help of professional movers you can rely on. They must be able to give you a clear quote of the services you need and address any concerns you may have, such as fragile items that must be carefully handled.

If you are on the lookout for a residential moving company in Calera, AL, try Move Gurus. Our team of professional movers is fully licensed and insured for your peace of mind, and we specialize in timely, safe, and effective residential moving, packing, and delivery. Get a free quote today!

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