Our Guide to Packing: How to Keep Your Jewelry

Packing can be pretty straightforward to most people. While we have a general idea of how to pack big furniture and other items, you’re probably unaware of how to properly pack your jewelry for your big move.

Seeing as moving can be an extremely stressful process, being amid researching for the right moving company and looking for tips and tricks to make your move stress-free, you might’ve forgotten how to move delicate items.

If that’s the case, don’t worry—we’re here to help. In this article, we’ll share with you essential need-to-knows on how to pack your jewelry for your big move.

Tip #1: Make Sure You Take Inventory of All Your Jewelry

The first thing you should do is make sure you’ve completely inventoried your jewelry and have a list of everything in your jewelry box/cabinet. It would be a great idea to use Excel or another type of spreadsheet to help you create this list.

It’s a good idea to check your jewelry inventory against your insurance policy too. If you’ve taken out insurance for your jewelry, this will ensure you have the list of items you’re claiming for, and that you haven’t forgotten any.

Tip #2: Use the Right Materials for Packing

Aside from creating an inventory of your jewelry box, it’s vital you use the right materials when packing your jewelry. Aside from using boxes and bubble wrap, you can also use paper or fabric liners to separate your jewelry. For smaller and lighter items, you can use pillows, small towels, or foam. Here are some materials that you should consider:

  • Straws: This is a great material to use to pack delicate jewelry. Straws have a small diameter and they’re flexible. They can be used to wrap around bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings. Straws are a great material to use because they allow you to place your jewelry in small boxes. 
  • Toilet Paper Rolls: They’re also another great material to use when packing your jewelry. They are light and easy to use. You can also use them to separate delicate items. 
  • Kitchen Wrap: If you have kitchen wrap and you have space in your boxes, you can use it to wrap your jewelry. They’re soft and will keep your pieces from getting damaged.

Tip #3: Work with a Trusted Moving Company

While you’re working on packing your jewelry and creating an itemized list of everything you’re taking with you, it’s a good idea to start looking for reputable moving companies in your area. These companies will be able to help you move your items. Just make sure to avoid companies that are not insured.

The Bottom Line: Ensure Your Delicate Items are Packed Safely and Securely During Your Big Move

When you’re moving your items, it’s important to pack them correctly. This is especially true if the items are fragile. Given that you’re likely concerned about those expensive pieces of jewelry you’ve accumulated over the years, you’re probably wondering about how to pack your jewelry for your big move.

Packing your jewelry should not be a difficult task. Just make sure you have an itemized list of your jewelry and use the right materials to pack your jewelry during your big move. With that said, ensure that you work with a trusted moving company to make this move stress-free.

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