Key Information on Packing Canvas Artwork and Paintings

Art means many things to many people across the world. There are plenty of iterations of it as well, such as sculptures of varying sizes, figurines, and of course, paintings and canvas artworks. It’s no wonder that moving from one place to another will likely require the movement of several sentimental art pieces as well.

Here is some key advice on how to move canvases and paintings without them getting damaged:

Pack the Canvas in a Designated Area

While it may seem like a good idea to just package the canvas in question wherever there’s space, that’s not the safest choice to make. Do not put a canvas on a floor that isn’t cushioned somehow; putting it directly on the floor isn’t helpful at all. Art pieces are best packed away in an area that’s designated for that exact purpose. It’s crucial that the surface is flat and covered with either a blanket or bubble wrap for reinforced layers of safety. 

Wrap the Artwork with Caution

Measure out parchment paper that can get the whole front and back of the piece covered. Place that down on top of the cushioning (bubble wrap or blanket). Put down the canvas, wrapping the paper’s edges around it. 

There are plenty of advantages to using parchment paper, but the most important is that it will not stick to the canvas. When wrapping materials used are likely to get stuck on the canvas, they can take the paint off the artwork. 

Parchment paper is also ideal for fending off spills or rain as the artwork travels. Painters tape should then be used to secure the parchment paper, much like wrapping holiday presents. 

Bubble wrapping around the canvas should be done much as paper does. After that, it’s best done and secured through the use of shipping tape. Ensure that the box it will go in is correctly sized; extra spaces will benefit from foam, a blanket, or even tightly packed styrofoam peanuts. 

Pack Canvases One at a Time

Some people make the mistake of packing multiple canvases together in order to save. Less boxes to use, less time spent wrapping and whatnot. In truth, wrapping and packing canvas art should be done on a one-by-one basis. It’s great for avoiding any damage like punctures or scratches, which are more likely with items on top of each other.

Paintings With Glass Frames Will Require Extra Care

In truth, the key difference between packing regular canvases or paintings and packing the ones in glass frames is painter’s tape. To be specific, it’s the application of a pair of painter’s tape strips across the glass in an ‘x’ symbol. It’s basically an extra precaution because in the rare instance glass breaks during a move, it keeps the glass from shattering all over the box.


Packing paintings and canvas artwork before a big move entail great care. Pack the canvas in a designated area, wrap the artwork with caution, and pack canvases one at a time. Apart from packing your precious art properly, enlisting the help of professional movers will ensure your items will be safe throughout the move.

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