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Let’s Move: 5 Ways to Manage Moving Stress

Despite being a big day to look forward to as a fresh beginning, moving into a new home can be a very stressful task. With all the preparations, emotions, and hustle, any person can be easily susceptible to moving stress.

More often, residential moving companies are found on the losing end, getting the ire from the stressed customers who failed to stay on top of the situation and making the moving task a mess.

Thankfully, this won’t have to be the case every time as one can always prepare moving tasks diligently to handle moving stress effectively. Here are some ways to manage stress in moving:

Plan and Make It Come To Fruition

So, what are the things you need to plan for? First on the list is booking your trusted moving company. The ideal time frame is having it settled two months before the move-in date. This gives you ample time to secure everything you need, accomplishing each item on your checklist of moving tasks one at a time. 

This smart planning saves you from rushing things as your moving day comes fast approaching before you realize it. You can also have the time to organize your decluttered stuff, either for donating or selling.

Decide Where Your Safe Space Will Be

The packing and decluttering of things are the most tedious and chaotic tasks in moving. When your stuff and fixtures are scattered everywhere, your environment can quickly become unruly and disorganized—thereby triggering your moving stress.

Decide on a place where you can have your quiet time to think and reflect on what you need to sort out. It can be your room, a free space in your living area, or a corner in your that you find peaceful, neat, and clean. It’s part of keeping yourself sane amid the ruckus.

Seek Help

Moving can be very daunting when you do it alone. If the task seems overwhelming, do not hesitate to ask a family member or a close friend to help you accomplish things. 

Ask them to do chores that you won’t be able to do as you dedicate your time to packing and organizing your things. Doing it all by yourself can make you susceptible to stress more easily as your tasks pile up one after another, with you feeling trapped in an endless chore of moving in preparations.

Secure Important Documents

After the tiring task of packing things up, you wouldn’t want to end up unboxing all of them before the move, trying to look for the essential moving document you forgot where you kept. This can lead to a total mess, so avoid this scenario by packing your important documents separately. It’s ideal to have with you a bag containing all the essential documents and stuff during your move. This gives you easy access to these essentials, saving you from the stressful digging through the taped boxes.

Plan Your Activities After the Move

To help you breathe some fresh air and unwind after the onerous move, make a list of things to do and places to go in your new environment.

This can be as simple as searching the nearest café near your new place, buying some new home appliances or pieces of furniture, or making new friends with your neighbors.  It adds to your moving excitement, having you something to look forward to after the draining task of moving.


You can have a smooth moving process into your new place by doing some of the tips mentioned above. Managing the stress that moving inevitably brings is the only way to make it easier, as the chaos will become part of the process. Ultimately, partner with a reliable moving company to help you lighten the burden and move with ease and peace.

Start checking out some moving companies in your local area, but Move Gurus is one you can rely on. We’re here to help make your move hassle-free, thanks to our team of experienced professionals. Get a free quote from us so we can help you get started with your move. 

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