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What You Should Know When It Comes to Junk Removal

Ever since we were young, we’ve all heard the familiar refrain: reduce, reuse, recycle! It’s been pretty much hammered into our systems that we shouldn’t just throw things away willy-nilly, and that many things can be used again or serve a different purpose.

All of that said, there are still a whole bunch of things that are…well, junk. Did you know that the average amount of waste generated by Americans on a daily basis is 4.5 pounds? That doesn’t take into account the many odds and ends people have lying around their home and property which can add up. Junk removal services will definitely go a long way in helping to resolve that.

Junk Removal? What’s That?

A junk removal service is a great way to safely and efficiently deal with your junk. Without a doubt, hiring a service like this is a far better option than trying to move the junk yourself. It’s much more convenient as well. Instead of having to load everything into your car, you just have to make one call. The junk is placed into the back of the truck, taken to the nearest disposal area, and dropped off.

The company will then do whatever it is that you have asked of them. Sometimes, when dealing with a large amount of junk, this will mean putting it all into a dumpster. Other times they will simply be taking the bulk of it to the landfill to be taken care of. If the job is too big for one person, they will enlist the help of others who will handle the job for them.

There are two usual avenues for junk removal to be done:

  • Dumpster Rental – In this case, a dumpster in the size preferred by the renter is brought to a pre-determined location. It’s then filled up within a leisurely time period, then the company takes it away when it’s actually full. For people that are cleaning over a certain course of time, or people that have some type of project ongoing at home, this is ideal.
  • Truck Hauling – This generally involves a large truck that has a dumpster fitted to its back. The company will then haul junk onto the dumpster, driving it all away in one go. It’s ideal for trash that’s already in bulk, ready for transport, as well as post-renovation clean-ups.

Do Junk Removal Companies Take Everything?

Not everything, but they come pretty close. If it has to be disposed of, they will likely haul it away. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Air conditioners
  • Appliances (small and large)
  • Books
  • Boxes
  • Bicycles
  • Clothing
  • Construction debris (old carpeting, roofing materials, etcetera)
  • Electronics (computers, monitors, TVs, etcetera)
  • Exercise equipment
  • Furniture
  • Hot tubs
  • Mattresses
  • Musical instruments (pianos, tubas, etcetera)
  • Spas
  • Tools
  • Toys
  • Yard waste

What they won’t take is hazardous waste: asbestos, gasoline, open paint cans, etcetera.


Junk removal is a pretty handy service that helps to get rid of, well, junk. It’s done either through dumpster rental or truck hauling. Junk removal companies will take pretty much everything except hazardous waste.

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