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5 Tips to Make Packing Clothes Easier When You Move

Moving can be a troublesome time on its own, with everything being uprooted and having to manage all that goes into setting up your new place. One of the most demanding parts of packing is figuring out how to pack your clothes. Thankfully, this doesn’t have to be the bane that keeps you from finally getting everything ready for the move.

Make use of these tips to make clothes-packing a breezier experience.

Identify Closet Stacks

The next step is to determine which stacks in your wardrobe you’re going to unpack. Is your wardrobe full of stacks of folded clothes, or do you have piles of folded clothes, with each pile having a specific owner?

It will be much easier to figure out which closet or individual the clothes belong to so that you can easily sort this out later on. It’ll be way less stressful when it’s time to unpack and sort everything together again.

Create a Goodbye Pile

During this process, you will find that you likely have more clothes than you need or even really want. Figure out which pieces no longer fit or match your style and put them in a goodbye pile. It will save you storage space and give you fewer things to move.

From this pile, you can figure out what you plan to donate and what you want to sell.

Segregate Types of Clothes Using Baggies and Labels

You’ll want to label everything so that you know what types of clothes are what. It’s not just tops and bottoms, since there are different materials and purposes. For example, some clothes may be seasonal (like winter gear), and certain articles may need to be packed in a special way. Labeling these will make it easier to segregate things.

After you have labeled and grouped everything, pack all the clothes into plastic bags for folding. You can use the bags for folding or for unpacking. You’ll find it easier to fit the clothes into the bags and have them stay in good shape. It also makes it easier to find what you need later on.

Pack from Least to Most Often Used

When you pack clothes, you’re going to want to start with the pieces that are least likely to get used. Having these at the bottom of your boxes or storage containers ensures that you won’t suddenly have to dig through your packed stuff just to get something you suddenly need or want to wear.

This also makes it easier when you’re unpacking later on, as you already have the things you use most often right on top and ready to grab.

Send Special Items to Storage

Some clothes are just more significant even if they aren’t used often. Maybe it’s a wedding gown, a graduation suit, or a special birthday gift. Either way, you can save yourself the packing space if you put these special items aside and send them off for separate storage.


With these tips, it should be much easier to pack clothes and sort them out later on. You’ll find that moving becomes that much easier when you’ve tackled the most time-consuming things like packing.

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