Different Types of Clothing and How to Pack Them for Moving

When it comes to moving, there already is a lot on your plate throughout the process. So, you might as well make it easier by optimizing the way you pack your things. One good way to do this is to put all your different clothes and gear into categories and designate specific ways of packing to each of them.

If this still doesn’t make sense, but the idea of making your move easier is appealing, read on for some helpful tips.

Expensive Clothes and Sensitive Materials

The important factor here is protecting your clothes throughout the moving journey. Things can get banged up in transport if not stored and covered properly. Suits, gowns, and the like should be kept in garment bags to keep them safe. The same rings true for any regular clothes that happen to have easy-to-tear or stain materials.

If you don’t have access to garment bags, you can go the MacGyver route and use clean, unused trash bags. Though they may not be as secure as legitimate garment bags, they serve the same purpose well enough.

Dresses and Any Hanging Clothes

Consider keeping these hung up by transporting them in wardrobe boxes. It’s especially important if you suspect the trip is going to take a while, and it’s important for you to retain the shape or prevent any wrinkles from the garment.

Placed properly within their designated poles and the like, the clothing will be better protected against unexpected damage.

Outfits with Hangers

Some outfits already have a hanger included for storage and simply cannot be parted from them. Sometimes, this is because of specific materials and their limitations. For others, it’s because there are additional items on the hanger or outfit.

In this case, keep them together and hang them along with your other clothes in the wardrobe boxes. If any particular garment already comes with hangers, you know things are going to get fussy.


Though shoes are a bit fragile and something that can get dirtied and damaged very easily, there are ways of mitigating this. First and foremost, try to keep shoes together as much as possible. Have many of the same styles together and place them in a single shoebox.

If you have too many shoes, you can place them in shoe bags or plastic bags. But it is best to have them in boxes where they can be compartmentalized. To help them retain their shape, pack your shoes’ insides with packing paper and the like.

Socks and Underwear

If you happen to own an expensive set of socks that don’t have their own container, store their small containers in a Ziploc bag. This is especially true if you’re going to be in transit for a long period of time. Though socks are small, they can sometimes get lost, especially when traveling on buses and the like.

You’ll also want to have a designated bag for your underwear. Take note of the ones you plan on using soon and pack those on top.

Foldable Garments

For your shirts and tops, lay them flat on a level surface. Fold the sleeves at a 90-degree angle so they are perpendicular to the other half of the shirt. Wrap them a few times until the shirt is tight and compact. Now, roll the sleeve folds towards the back of the shirt, helping to make this a compact roll.

For pants, fold the pants at the waistband in half towards the back. Roll them up a few times to create a tightly compact roll. Just like with the shirts, fold the pant leg up at the same spot before rolling.

Thick and Heavy Clothes

For thicker and heavier garments, such as coats, sweaters, and the like, it is highly recommended that you use garment bags. Be sure to select the appropriately sized garment bag based on the number of items you are going to pack and the size of those items.

You can also use vacuum-seal bags to minimize the space these ones will take up.


Packing is one of the aspects of moving that everyone dreads. However, if you’re proactive about it and have a plan of your own, it becomes a lot easier.

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