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How to Pack Fragile Items Properly When Moving: Our Guide

For sure, one of the common concerns of people who will move from one place to another is how they can protect their fragile items during transportation. Fragile items are one of the most nerve-wracking things to move because they are susceptible to breaking and cracking. Since boxes go through a lot of moving and handling, the risk of damaging fragile items is significantly high, so it’s crucial to secure the objects properly before the movers pick up the boxes. 

Before the movers arrive at your place, you must pack your fragile items properly. You need to ensure that they are safe and secure because the moving company will not be liable for any damage to your fragile items. 

So, here are some tips on how you can pack your fragile items properly to avoid any damages during transportation:

1. Avoid Using Big Boxes for Heavy Fragile Items

As much as possible, find a box that perfectly fits the fragile items you’re packing. This way, the items inside won’t have room to shift around while the vehicle is moving. If you use big boxes for your fragile items, make sure to fill in the extra space with lots of padding to keep the items stable while inside. 

2. Look for a Thicker and Sturdier Box

It’s definitely a bad idea to use a flimsy box for your fragile items. The thicker and sturdier the box you’ll use, the better because your fragile item needs to have thick protection when moving. Instead of having a box that will most likely give up once you put the heavy item inside, look for a thicker and sturdier box. 

3. Always Secure the Bottom of the Box with Extra Strips of Tape

To support the box better, put some extra strips of tape at the bottom of the box. The tape can prevent the box from bowing under the weight of the item placed inside. 

4. Put a Layer of Soft Packing Material at the Bottom of the Box 

Before you place your fragile item inside the box, put soft packing materials at the bottom first. You can use packing paper, bubble wrap, foam, styrofoam peanuts, or towels. These soft packing materials will serve as extra protection to prevent your fragile items from breaking. Make sure to fill in the extra spaces as well for maximum stability. 

5. Ensure to Wrap Each Item Individually

When packing fragile items like glasses, plates, and decorative items, you must wrap them individually to prevent cracking or breaking during transportation. You should also wrap the lids separately if there are any. If you have delicate items like china and glassware, wrap them in a packing material that provides cushion, such as bubble wrap, and secure them with tape. 

It’s also important not to pack them in a box with too many other items. Put them in a separate small box on their own. 


You can achieve damage-free fragile items when moving for as long as you put extra effort and attention into packing them properly. Hopefully, these techniques can help you pack your fragile items correctly. This way, when you arrive at your destination, you can ensure that the quality and condition of your items are retained. While apartment movers will handle fragile items with care, you still need to ensure that your items are secured and protected. 

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