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Items That Are Difficult to Move (And How to Pack Them)

Moving from one house to another can take its toll on anyone. There are so many aspects of the move that may be stressful, but one particularly tedious part is that of making sure all the valuables and belongings are safely packed and ready to be transported to your new home. 

While all items need to be given attention to ensure that they are correctly stored to be transported, there is a list of specific things that may require a little more attention than others. This blog post will help you properly pack certain items and goods to ensure that they do not get damaged or destroyed during the move.

Items That Are Difficult to Move (And How to Pack Them)

Certain things may pose a slight challenge when moving them from Point A to Point B. This list will guide how to properly package these items and reduce the risk of getting damaged while in transit. 

1 – TVs

TVs and other electronic gadgets need to be appropriately cushioned to ensure that none of the sensitive components of the electronics will be broken or pressed against when they are in the moving vegan. Putting these delicate gadgets at the top of the pile instead of on the bottom or the side will also reduce the likelihood of ending up with damaged electronics in your new home. 

2 – Antiques and Artwork

It is risky and complicated to transport antiques and artwork because they will be more susceptible to damage while being transported. Ensuring that they are correctly placed in boxes, preferably with packing peanuts, will ensure that they will arrive at your home in one piece.

3 – Chinaware and Glassware

Breakable glass items should be wrapped in newspaper, bubble wrap, or other packaging material to ensure that they do not break or chip. Also, packing them in the correct type of boxes will help cushion them during the move.

4 – Religious Items

Religious items like statues and breakable figurines should also be adequately wrapped and packed in individual boxes. This will help ensure that the small parts of the sacred objects and their delicate details will not be broken off during their ride to your new residence. While it is relatively easy to damage one of these items during a move, people believe that broken religious items will bring bad luck to a home and family. 

5 – Heirlooms and Items with Sentimental Value

Since these items will be passed down from one generation to the next, special care must be taken to ensure that these items are intact when they are unpacked in the new home. Using bubble wrap and other protective coverings will assure the safety of the items during transit. 


Although moving will naturally have the added element of stress, the experience does not have to be purely stressful. Ensuring that you securely pack all your belongings before the move ensures that none of them will be damaged during transit. Also, working with a skilled and experienced moving team will give you advice about how to properly package your items and ensure that nothing will get destroyed while you move to your new home. 

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