Effective Tips to Help Make Moving With Kids Easier

Moving is a stressful transition but especially difficult for families with young children. In addition to packing your children’s toys, books, and clothing, you must also consider which schools, sports, and dance programs to enroll them in, many of which have moving deadlines! 

Whether your family is moving for the first or fourth time, it’s essential to see the transition through your children’s eyes, involve them as much as possible, and take steps to reduce conflict.

We’ve put together a list of moving suggestions if you’re rushing to relocate to make the transition as easy as possible for you and them.

1. Discuss Moving Plans With Them

Inform your kids as soon as you know you’ll be moving and explain what it means for them. This might entail telling them that they need to switch preschools or kindergartens or that if they stay at their current facility, the commute may be longer and affect their morning routines.

This suggestion also includes getting them excited about new places to visit in their new neighborhood and asking them how they feel about moving. Any anxiety your kids may be feeling can be reduced by talking to them about the move.

2. Allow Them to Participate

Your kids will probably enjoy the moving process more if they feel like they are a part of it. You should pay attention to the tasks you assign, but there are various ways to keep your team members engaged.

Ask your child about their packing preferences before you pack your family’s belongings. This is a great way to decide which things can be donated and which must be thrown away. Allow the kids to assist you with box labeling or decorating.

Furthermore, give them a tour of the new home before they move in, and let them select the room that will be theirs. They can use this to help them visualize how they might decorate their new space. It can increase their excitement if you let them choose the bedding, paint, and other decor.

3. Plan Move-In Date

One tip to make moving easier with kids is to plan a move-in date. This will help you to be better organized and less stressed. You can pack up your things in advance and have professional movers do the moving for you.

Make sure to have a few snacks and drinks for your children on the day of the move. Have a plan for where everything will go in your new home.

4. Be Creative

Finally, remember to have fun during your move. This might entail turning certain things into kid-friendly games or competitions. A small contest to see who can tidy up and get their space ready for unpacking first can make a big difference. This offers a chance to use incentives and rewards creatively.

Once you’ve arrived, look for family-friendly activities in the area. Look for chances for your kids to make new friends in your neighborhood. Children must be made aware of all the new opportunities available to them in the community.


Moving is hard enough, but adding kids can seem impossible. But there are ways to make it easier for everyone involved. These tips can help make moving days less stressful for the whole family. 

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