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Moving, Step by Step: How to Move with Fewer Hassles

With the new house in your mind, there is one incredibly important consideration: moving your possessions. Your belongings should be packed into boxes, carried into a truck, and then into the new home. Before you call residential moving companies, you have to start the process yourself.

Be sure to read our short guide to make packing, boxing, and moving easier. These tips will help ease the difficulties a bit.

Pre-Packing and Pre-Moving Steps

Check your timeline for the entire stretch of days before the move-out date. Aside from clearing your possessions and readying them for transport, there are preparatory steps for your apartment that might need immediate attention.

Get them out of the way ASAP, and plan your steps. Confirm the last service dates for electricity, water, internet, and any maintenance for utilities or the home. They should be within your move-out timeframe.

From here, make a moving inventory list of your items in groups. But outside collections, essentials, and regular possessions, there are excess items that are no longer in use or not even part of your archives. List and separate them into a separate box, and you can trade, donate, sell, or at least throw them away.

Confirm your schedule, and start calling moving companies or apartment movers to make a choice and book your move-out appointment. Check for all the details of your move and ensure you and the moving agent agree on the terms and all other details before committing to the final schedule.

Packing Items

Once everything else is listed and accounted for, group your items. Start with the less stressful items, then the more complicated items next. The easiest items are those already in storage and boxes. Do not include breakables and essential items that need careful handling for most apartment movers.

Next, pack up your utensils, breakables, kitchen appliances, and other essentials under the fragile box category with added protection and labeled as fragile. Next are framed wall decorations, artwork, and other items around walls and nearby areas. 

After that are your collections, records, medium-sized appliances, books, and all other smaller items. Pack these in padded boxes or bubble wrap them. Make sure to label these boxes as fragile.

From here, you can group your textiles and clothes into boxes and existing move-ready containers. It is best to have finished laundry ahead so you can just move clothes into your new cabinets right away. It might also be good to have your grooming essentials in a labeled box.

Final Thoughts

We all know the hassles and work involved in moving. But after all the stress of moving is the new life in your new home. These are a few tactics to help you resolve the tricky parts of the process. You just need to start with these tips, and the rest will follow.

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