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How Do Pet Owners Minimize Stress in Pets during a Move?

Moving out is a stressful task for most people. But it also affects pets, as they will get exposed to a new environment and long travel times. Therefore, preparing them before the move should calm them down and allow them not to feel stressed during the travel. But what should pet owners do to prepare their pets for the move? Here are some ideas.

1. Get Them Used to Travelling

Pet owners may wonder how to prepare their pets for a move. While every pet is different, a few general tips can help make the transition smoother for you and your furry friend. The tips should help pets get used to the move and help them feel less stressed.

If you have a pet that doesn’t travel a lot, it’s best to get them used to it before the move. As a result, they won’t get scared on the day of the move. Pet owners can start by taking them to the vet or a nearby park. It will help them get used to the car and the travel time.

2. Pack Belongings around Them

It can be scary for a pet to see its owner packing around them. As a result, it can make a move stressful for them. Pet owners can reduce stress by packing around their pets. If you pack everything around them, they may feel anxious and stressed.

Start by packing up the house in sections. Then, pack around your pet’s favorite toys and food. It will make it feel like the move is happening around them. It also helps to leave out some of their belongings to make them feel secure before they move.

3. Keep Them Away during the Move

Pets are known to hide when they are stressed. They may also run away when they are feeling anxious. If you are worried about your pet getting in the way during the move, you can keep them away from the house.

Pet owners can ask a friend or neighbor to watch their pet for a few hours. As a result, the moving process becomes easier without worrying about your pet getting in the way. Come pick them up when it’s time to move to the new home.

4. Re-Introduce Them to the New Space

Once you have moved to the new house, it is time to re-introduce your pet to the new space. You can do this by giving them a tour of the house. Pet owners can show them all the rooms and introduce them to the family. Taking them on tour will help them get adjust immediately.

It is also essential to create a safe space for your pet. It can be a room where pets feel comfortable and can relax and their haven during the transition, which will help them feel more at ease. Finally, be patient with your pets as they adjust to their new home.

5. Go Back to Regular Routines

After your pet has adjusted to the new home, it is time to return to regular routines. Pet owners can start by feeding them at the usual time and walking them at the expected time. It is also essential to create a designated place for all their things, such as food, water, toys, and bed.

Pet owners also need to keep their sleeping place consistent. If you had a spot for them to sleep in the old house, you needed to create a designated area for them in the new home. It will help keep their sleep schedule consistent, which will help them adjust to the new house.


Moving to a new place can be a stressful experience for everyone in the family, including pets. Pets may not have the same understanding of moving as you do, and they might not know that you are still the same family. Be patient and assure them they are still part of the significant changes and they should be fine.

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